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Fishgram: Frequent Interesting Subhypergraph Mining for OpenCog

One of the tools OpenCog has needed for a long time, is something that can relatively quickly scan an Atomspace and find the interesting patterns in it.  “Interesting” may be defined in a variety of ways, such as “frequent”, or … Continue reading

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Improvements to virtual world based NLP functionality

Here is an update on some recent OpenCog work that may be relevant to some of you… (Email if you have detailed questions) The main update is that the “virtual pet QA system” now answers questions regarding many more … Continue reading

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Fun with first-order inference

Joel Pitt has done some experiments testing first-order PLN inference in OpenCog, on some very simple data. These experiments don’t use the indefinite probability formulas but rather the good old fashioned SimpleTruthValue PLN formulas. What they involve is using PLN … Continue reading

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Progress update

[cross posted from The Singularity Institute Blog] This blog post constitutes an update on the current state of work on the OpenCog open-source AI project. No particular event occasioned me writing the post — no dramatic milestone has been reached … Continue reading

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OpenCog Google-Summer-Of-Code Roundup

This summer OpenCog was chosen by Google to participate in the Google Summer of Code project: Google funded 11 students from around the world to work on OpenCog coding projects under the supervision of experienced mentors associated with the OpenCog … Continue reading

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