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Preview of a virtual learning environment

It’s been a while since the last update, but be assured we’ve been very busy working away on the embodiment code and developing our virtual learning environment. With AGI-11 now in progress at the Googleplex, we’ve put together a few … Continue reading

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OpenCog Recap – March to May 2011

Wow – it’s been while since the last OpenCog Recap. I think it’s time to rectify that, as there’s been a lot happening since then! In early April, Ben visited Hong Kong to give guidance to the long-term plan for … Continue reading

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OpenCog navigating Nao robot

Recently the team at Xiamen University have been working on integrating OpenCog with Nao robots. This recent video shows them using voice commands to tell the robot to walk from one object to the next. The robot hears, parses, and … Continue reading

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The AGI Summer School 2009

In the middle of last year, Xiamen University hosted the first international summer school on Artificial General Intelligence. While several of the core OpenCog developers, and Ben Goertzel were there to teach, it passed by somewhat quietly on our blog … Continue reading

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