DeSTIN vision development

Late in 2010 a working group was formed to turn the research code for DeSTIN, originally implement and developed by Tom Karnowski as part of his PhD, into a quality open source project.

There have been a number of contributors so far, including:

  • Ted Sanders took the lead with tidying things up and getting things working.
  • The Xiamen BLISS lab provided a collection of gesture videos to train and test gesture recognition with DeSTIN.
  • Michel Drenthe, also located at the BLISS lab, is planning to port DeSTIN to take advantage of CUDA on NVIDIA graphics cards.
  • Amritpal Singh has been developing a wrapper around a SIFT library to do pre-processing of images to extract keypoints and do rudimentary object detection before feeding the annotated image into DeSTIN.

And because a picture is worth a thousand words (or perhaps a thousand keypoints?), here are a couple of images with Amritpal’s SIFT object recognition successfully detecting an apropos textbook.

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