The AGI Summer School 2009

In the middle of last year, Xiamen University hosted the first international summer school on Artificial General Intelligence. While several of the core OpenCog developers, and Ben Goertzel were there to teach, it passed by somewhat quietly on our blog as we waited for the videos and presentations to be put together by independent film-maker Raj Dye.

Raj actually completed these early 2010, but due to myself and others being very busy at the time, we didn’t post them here. However, we continue to get many requests for an easy introduction and a tutorial to OpenCog. Fortunately one of the videos is an introduction to the software framework:

The OpenCog Software Framework – presented by Joel Pitt (me) and Ben Goertzel.

Of course, this is a the high level overview, and the other videos available on the AGI Summer School site focus on more specific aspects of OpenCog, such as:

…among many others!

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