OpenCog REST support (and web UI)

OpenCog now has a REST interface that is loaded and runs on port 17034 by default. It has only recently been completed to a functional level where clients can:

  • make POST requests to create a new atom.
  • make POST requests to a specific atom URL to update an atom’s truth value, STI, or LTI.
  • make a query via a GET request for a particular type of atom, sorted by a variety of attributes and paginated so that client’s can specify the maximum results returned and get more if necessary.
  • initiate shell requests, such as telling PLN to backwards chain to increase the confidence of a target atom.

There is the potential to add many more utility methods, such as a url to get all neighbours within a number of hops from a focus atom. Also getting the configuration status and finding out what modules are currently

If someone feels like helping, it’s pretty easy to add a new URL/target to the web module and I can help guide them.

More details on the wiki.

There is also now a basic web interface which tabulates queries and has hyperlinks to allow textual navigation of the AtomSpace. This is a prelude to having HTML5 canvas based graph visualisation via the OpenCog web interface.

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