OpenCog OSX Support

Due to a recent contract involving development on OSX (unrelated to OpenCog unfortunately), I now have a MacBook Pro. Since we often have people attempting to get OpenCog building on OSX, with various levels of success, I decided to go through the process and document it. Along with the help of various people more familiar with OSX than myself, I managed to get the core subset of OpenCog compiling and passing unit tests.

Instructions are on the wiki although I’ll also place these in a README.osx file within the repository too.

There are bugs, mostly around library linking (i.e. I recently found that the Ubigraph module isn’t linked to libxmlrpc_client) – so if you find anything that’s broken, please file a bug at Launchpad.

The ultimate goal is to package OpenCog as an OSX application package (and an Ubuntu deb too) – however, I am but one man! If you are familiar with either packaging process, and willing to lend an indirect hand towards developing human-level(+) intelligence, then your help would be most appreciated.

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