GSoC 2009 project list

The decision process for the 2009 GSoC projects has been completed. You can read Ben’s announcement on the opencog-soc Google group.

The accepted projects are:

  • Joel Lehman – Extending MOSES to evolve Recurrent Neural Networks
  • David Kilgore – Python Interfaces For OpenCog Framework API
  • Ruiting Lian – Natural Language Generation using RelEx and the Link Parser
  • Rui Liu – Application of Pleasure Algorithm Project
  • samir souza – Integration of Language Comprehension with Virtual Agent Control in OpenCog
  • siva reddy – Statistical Learning and Refinement of RelEx Graph Transformation Rules
  • Jeremy Schlatter – Distributed and Persistent AtomSpace
  • Kemal Eren – Neurobiological data analysis in OpenBioMind
  • Xiaohui Liu – Improved hBOA by integrating the BBHC and implement the simulated annealing algorithm

More detail is available for each on the GSoC OpenCog home page.

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