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Why Hypergraphs?

I’ve recently been hacking on creating a new parser for the Link Grammar theory of natural language parsing. I want to couple parsing to machine learning (ML), to that I can use ML to learn natural languages. … Continue reading

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OpenCog and Google Summer of Code 2009

We are happy to announce that the SIAI has been selected again this year to participate in the Google Summer of Code program as a mentoring organization. GSoC is an annual program that awards successful student contributors a 4500 …

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Fun with first-order inference

Joel Pitt has done some experiments testing first-order PLN inference in OpenCog, on some very simple data.

These experiments don’t use the indefinite probability formulas but rather the good old fashioned SimpleTruthValue PLN formulas.

What they involve is using PLN to …

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Progress update

This blog post constitutes an update on the current state of work on the OpenCog open-source AI project.

No particular event occasioned me writing the post — no dramatic milestone has been reached — …

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OpenCog Google-Summer-Of-Code Roundup

This summer OpenCog was chosen by Google to participate in the Google Summer of Code project: Google funded 11 students from around the world to work on OpenCog coding projects under the supervision of experienced mentors associated with the …

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OpenCogPrime Tutorial Chat Sessions beginning September 2008

I have decided to run a series of IRC sessions focused on collectively discussing the OpenCogPrime design, via working through the OpenCogPrime wikibook and discussing the ideas therein chapter-by-chapter.

Details are at http://opencog.org/wiki/OpenCogPrime:TutorialSessions

The sessions will be weekly and will start …

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Launch of OpenCog Prime, a detailed design for a thinking machine, an AGI with the potential for intelligence at the human level and beyond

The purpose of this blog post is to announce the release of a wikibook outlining a design for a specific AGI system intended to be built on top of the OpenCog framework.

This system design is called OpenCogPrime, and is …

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Spaced repetition and memory

An article in Wired from a while back on Piotr Wozniak (no relation to Steve), a researcher of optimal memory and learning strategies, got me thinking about learning theory and memorization in the context of OpenCog. From the article …

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New importance spread system

Well, I’d noticed it’s been a while since we’ve had a post here and thought I’d rectify it with a brief note of what I’ve been up to. Posts of more substance are on their way I promise!

Recently we’ve …

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Hopfield network example

As a toy problem for playing/testing/understanding attention allocation in OpenCog, I’ve been emulating the behaviour of a Hopfield network within the OpenCog AtomSpace.

For those not already aware, a Hopfield network is a kind of recurrent neural network that acts …

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