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Spaced repetition and memory

An article in Wired from a while back on Piotr Wozniak (no relation to Steve), a researcher of optimal memory and learning strategies, got me thinking about learning theory and memorization in the context of OpenCog. From the article …

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New importance spread system

Well, I’d noticed it’s been a while since we’ve had a post here and thought I’d rectify it with a brief note of what I’ve been up to. Posts of more substance are on their way I promise!

Recently we’ve …

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Hopfield network example

As a toy problem for playing/testing/understanding attention allocation in OpenCog, I’ve been emulating the behaviour of a Hopfield network within the OpenCog AtomSpace.

For those not already aware, a Hopfield network is a kind of recurrent neural network that acts …

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A week in Maryland

I’ve been spending the last week at Ben Goertzel’s place to discuss the work I’ve done on attention allocation and to get up to speed on Probabilistic Logic Networks (PLN). There was also an introduction to Relex and RelexToFrame …

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Hebbian Links and Importance Spreading

This post will cover the HebbianLink, and two MindAgents, the ImportanceSpreadingAgent and the HebbianLearningAgent. The former agent spreads Short term importance (STI) along HebbianLinks, while the later updates the HebbianLink truth values.

Let’s look at the HebbianLink shall we?

There are …

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Introducing the Importance Updating Agent

The ImportanceUpdatingAgent handles the exchange of currency between atoms. Every thought cycle It pays out wages in the form of Short Term Importance (STI) and Long Term Importance (LTI) to atoms that are currently in use, and also collects …

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Economic Attention Allocation

My task for the past couple of months has been to implement code to manage attention allocation within OpenCog. This process of deciding which atoms in the system are important is useful for a number of reasons, such …

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