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OpenCog REST support (and web UI)

OpenCog now has a REST interface that is loaded and runs on port 17034 by default. It has only recently been completed to a functional level where clients can:

make POST requests to create a new atom.
make POST requests to …

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Improvements to virtual world based NLP functionality

Here is an update on some recent OpenCog work that may be relevant to some of you…

(Email if you have detailed questions)

The main update is that the “virtual pet QA system” now answers questions regarding many more spatial …

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An Update

Time that we post a status update!

OpenCog has been a little more quiet than usual over the last couple of months. The developers list is still sporadically active, but some of the main developers are having to spend time …

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Semantic dependency relations

I spent the weekend comparing the Stanford parser to RelEx, and learned a lot. RelEx really does deserve to be called a “semantic relation extractor”, and not just a “dependency relation extractor”. It provides a more abstract, …

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Frequency of grammatical disjuncts

The link-grammar parser uses labeled links to connect together pairs of words.  In order to capture the idea of proper grammatical construction, any given word is only allowed to have very specific links to its right or left: for …

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Visualizing PLN inference

Recently Jared Wigmore, a student of Waikato University, New Zealand, created a tool for visualizing PLN as part of a visualisation project.

In my opinion, the BIT visualiser shows great promise as a tool for understanding the complexities of BIT …

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proto-chatbot at last!

A prototype chatbot demonstrates the OpenCog NLP pipeline by parsing simple statements and answering simple questions. Continue reading

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GSoC 2009 project list

The decision process for the 2009 GSoC projects has been completed. You can read Ben’s announcement on the opencog-soc Google group.

The accepted projects are:

Joel Lehman – Extending MOSES to evolve Recurrent Neural Networks
David Kilgore – Python Interfaces For OpenCog …

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OpenCog and Google Summer of Code 2009

We are happy to announce that the SIAI has been selected again this year to participate in the Google Summer of Code program as a mentoring organization. GSoC is an annual program that awards successful student contributors a 4500 …

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Distribution of Mutual Information

A bit of corpus linguistics is performed to examine the mutual information distribution of word pairs. Continue reading

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