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DeSTIN vision development

Late in 2010 a working group was formed to turn the research code for DeSTIN, originally implement and developed by Tom Karnowski as part of his PhD, into a quality open source project.

There have been a number of contributors …

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OpenCog Hong Kong Project

I thought I should write a post to let everyone know where we are at
with the Hong Kong AI project.

We’ve got ourselves established in the M-Lab currently, although Gino may want to relocate us to the School of Design …

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OpenCog OSX Support

Due to a recent contract involving development on OSX (unrelated to OpenCog unfortunately), I now have a MacBook Pro. Since we often have people attempting to get OpenCog building on OSX, with various levels of success, I decided to …

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OpenCog REST support (and web UI)

OpenCog now has a REST interface that is loaded and runs on port 17034 by default. It has only recently been completed to a functional level where clients can:

make POST requests to create a new atom.
make POST requests to …

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An Update

Time that we post a status update!

OpenCog has been a little more quiet than usual over the last couple of months. The developers list is still sporadically active, but some of the main developers are having to spend time …

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Visualizing PLN inference

Recently Jared Wigmore, a student of Waikato University, New Zealand, created a tool for visualizing PLN as part of a visualisation project.

In my opinion, the BIT visualiser shows great promise as a tool for understanding the complexities of BIT …

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GSoC 2009 project list

The decision process for the 2009 GSoC projects has been completed. You can read Ben’s announcement on the opencog-soc Google group.

The accepted projects are:

Joel Lehman – Extending MOSES to evolve Recurrent Neural Networks
David Kilgore – Python Interfaces For OpenCog …

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OpenCog at KiwiFoo

I’m currently at the tail end of KiwiFoo, a version of O’Reilly’s Foocamp in New Zealand. I hosted a talk about OpenCog which, as inevitably happens, turned into some interesting philosophical discussions about learning vs. memory.

I was also interviewed …

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Visualization with UbiGraph

Jared Wigmore has just finished implementing a prototype connection to the Ubigraph dynamic visualisation tool. It’s really neat! Currently available only in his personal bzr branch ( lp:~jared-wigmore/opencog/misc ), but it should be pushed to staging eventually.

This follows on …

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OpenCog tutorial sessions

A few weeks back Ben announced he’d be running IRC tutorial sessions on OpenCogPrime. Last night was the second tutorial, and was on the topic of knowledge representation – introducing people to the basic concepts of the AtomSpace, such …

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