Monthly Archives: February 2010

PLN forward chainer

I (Jared Wigmore aka JaredW) have recently implemented a general forward chainer for PLN. (See Forward and Backward chaining on Wikipedia). Joel had previously implemented a prototype forward chainer, but it only supported deduction. PLN has a wide variety …

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OpenCog OSX Support

Due to a recent contract involving development on OSX (unrelated to OpenCog unfortunately), I now have a MacBook Pro. Since we often have people attempting to get OpenCog building on OSX, with various levels of success, I decided to …

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OpenCog REST support (and web UI)

OpenCog now has a REST interface that is loaded and runs on port 17034 by default. It has only recently been completed to a functional level where clients can:

make POST requests to create a new atom.
make POST requests to …

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