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Launch of OpenCog Prime, a detailed design for a thinking machine, an AGI with the potential for intelligence at the human level and beyond

The purpose of this blog post is to announce the release of a wikibook outlining a design for a specific AGI system intended to be built on top of the OpenCog framework.

This system design is called OpenCogPrime, and is …

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Spaced repetition and memory

An article in Wired from a while back on Piotr Wozniak (no relation to Steve), a researcher of optimal memory and learning strategies, got me thinking about learning theory and memorization in the context of OpenCog. From the article …

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New importance spread system

Well, I’d noticed it’s been a while since we’ve had a post here and thought I’d rectify it with a brief note of what I’ve been up to. Posts of more substance are on their way I promise!

Recently we’ve …

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